Text Loans – Get Instant Money by Sending an SMS

Has your car broken down and you have only a textphone in your pocket with no Internet connection? Are you in the mid of shopping and running out of money? Text loans allow you to borrow money even when you don't have a smartphone or your phone Internet connection is down. These instant funds are basically unsecured small loans that can be availed by just sending a single SMS.

We, at Loan Palace understand your time value and try to offer the most convenient and instant modes of funding with no need of a laptop or a smartphone. You just need a simple text phone to get an instant funding help from us. We treat your SMS as the complete application.

Who can Benefit More?

When payday text loans are needed fast, qualification always matters. Here is the list you should check out before proceeding:

  • Prospective Borrowers who are Blind or Partially Sighted
  • People who are still Novice to the Smartphone and Internet World
  • Old or New Customers with no Internet Access
  • People who are too Busy to Open a Laptop or Desktop
  • Doors of Borrowing are Opened for Salaried Employee
  • Unemployed People are Invited
  • Opportunities are Available for Retired People
  • No More Issues with Bad Credit Borrowers
  • Students can Apply
  • People Living on Government Grants
  • Hurried customers who Need a Small Amount in Less than 10 Minutes

There should be no doubt that instant text loans are the great alternative for the borrowers, who feel little worry with sudden shortage of cash.

Text Loan – Approval in Just 1 Minute

Perhaps you have gone to a restaurant and forgotten your credit cards and now you are in a mood of spending more on the lavish dinner. Don't worry about the funds! Just send a small SMS or access our app to apply for text payday loans. We will not let you wait and give you the required approval within 30 seconds.

The needed money will be in your bank account in maximum 5 minutes. We are able to deliver instant funds just because we have a competent team of lending professionals that instantly reviews the requests and approve without carrying out the credit check step.

Guaranteed Low APR Deals on Text Loans

When you are buying groceries in a supermarket and run out of money, then you think least of comparing various deals. You just want to avail instant funds so that you can pay the bill. We quickly review your requirement that you have raised through the SMS and offer the best deal for you. Our low APR text loans don't charge you high and are free of all extra charges. Yes, you heard it right! We don't levy any extra fee or keep some charges hidden for the future.

Hassle-Free Text Loans for Bad Credit

Your bad credit history doesn't put any hurdle for availing these funds. Whether you have a good score or poor score, we process your SMS requests in the same way. Actually, we give the approval without looking at your credit score. Poor credit score customers, bankrupt, and even CCJ's can avail text loans for bad credit without pay any extra fee. These customers are treated equally and are eligible to get the cheapest deal on these loans.

Repay as You like – Payday and Instalments are Allowed

Being one of the best text loans direct lenders in the UK, we believe in offering numerous repayment options that exactly match your personal budget and repayment ability. Both payday and instalment options are available. Whether you are an old customer or a first time applicant, we are ready to offer £500 and £5000.

If you are earning well and can repay the debt in the lump sum, then the payday text funds are better for you. If you are unemployed or financially weak, then an instalment repayment option is better. You can repay in 6 to 12-month instalments with no extra or hidden charges. The choice is yours! We don't want to overburden you and hence always offer customised repayment solutions.

Trust Us, We Are One of the Reliable Direct Lenders

Applying for the text loan from direct lenders with no credit check would be your prime concern. As a responsible lender, Loan Palace always tries to meet your expectations. Now, the choice is yours that what sort of deal you wish to avail. Just drop a message and we treat your SMS as the complete application.

If you apply for text loans from direct lenders, then it is always a guarantee of obtaining positive outcomes. You can easily have an opportunity to bridge the financial gap on an instant.

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