Instant payday loans
Jessica Rodz May 17, 2018

Samantha and David were planning a birthday party for their one year old son Ron and Loan Stock offered instant payday loans to them. On the top of that, they asked some questions about these loans which most Britons still do not know.

David is 32 years old and lives in Greater London with his wife Samantha and son Ron. David and Samantha live on rent. With David’s salary, they are able to pay rent and cover the basic needs of everyday life. Just before a few weeks from Ron’s birthday, David came to know that his credit score is poor.

With rent and basic needs of routine life, Samantha and David started realising that their savings are not enough for the birthday party. Both of them had a little financial difficulty and look for a little cash assistant with less than perfect credit score. So they called Loan Stock for unsecured alternative and ask some relevant questions regarding the instant loans.

David Asked Jessica What Exactly is Payday Loan

Before proceeding, David was talking to Jessica, member of lending team, and discussing about availing the loan.

When David asked about the loan and its functions, then Jessica replied- “The loans are ideal for short term purpose and unsecured in nature that provide funds to fill the financial gap between two consecutive paydays. In fact, the loans can be utilised for any purpose and repaid on your next pay day.”

After that Samantha asked-“I never knew this was an option. Should we arrange a guarantor for it?”

“Of course not, the loans are absolutely free from the obligations and there is no guarantor required” Jessica replied. “We only have some basic criteria that applicants need to meet. I could help you give a brief explanation about the qualification criteria. In order to be eligible for payday loans for bad credit, it is necessary to have a steady income, citizenship of the UK, age of 18 years or above and a valid bank account. You will get the proper guidance too.”

How Much Can I Get? Samantha Asked

Jessica said- “We get many customers asking, how much can I get with these loans? This is what we always tell them:

The loan amount depends on your monthly income. The specific amount that applicants can attain solely depends on their ability to repay. Qualifying for the loan is quite easier than anyone may think. This is surprising but it is true that anyone can get approval easily without submitting any document.

Getting the Loan

After discussing with Jessica, Samantha and David finally decided to apply for the payday loans with no credit check from direct lender. For getting a loan, they decided to compare the deals of several lenders first. After that, David finally found the reliable lender and chose the loan deal carefully that suits his needs. Once David submitted his income proof, the lender verified his details and he received a message that your account has been credited with money.

At Loan Stock, not only Samantha and David received the approval but every customer gets exactly required for a peace of mind. If you find yourself in the same situation like them, why do not you apply for the payday loans online? Before signing on a dotted line, make sure you can afford to repay the entire amount on time.