How the Personal Touch to the Customer Support Is Critical in 2021
Jessica Rodz August 2, 2021
Long-term customer relationships are a cornerstone for the success of industry leaders. It is the result of communication before and after selling the product to the customers. In the present world, brands are focused on providing instant support with the introduction of chatbots and virtual assistants. However, these technologies can never replace the effectiveness of the personal touch of a representative. People don’t trust machines as much as the expertise of humans. Thus, it is safe to say that the technologies can wait until the personal communication channels are optimized.

Reasons for the Personal Communication to Retain Its Priority

The interaction with chatbots and AI-powered assistances are wonderful and exciting. But they don’t understand your expressions, situations, and emotions similar to other humans. Similarly, the following are some reasons for personal communication to retain its importance in customer service.
  1. Better Understanding
It gets impossible to explain a complex problem to a machine without the technical knowledge of an average customer. They can share the details with a vague description. However, the machines don’t guess the problems based on these imperfect explanations. Therefore, it results in a waste of time and a massive frustration among the users. A representative can provide them with the exact solution based on their requirements. Thus, the knowledge gap is covered without creating confusion for the customers.
  1. Small Business Advantage
Big corporations don’t have enough manpower to answer the calls of every customer. It is a major concern from their customers as they have to wait for a long time before the call is answered. Moreover, they try to solve the majority of the problems through technology tools to increase the troubles for customers. Here, the small businesses use personalized customer service as an advantage of selecting them. You can expect them to take good care of the limited cliental for a positive brand reputation to grow. Another reason to invest in the customer service for small businesses even if it requires loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees, and instant decision.
  1. Customers Prefer Personalised Communication
Again, communication with the AI-powered chatbot is an interesting concept for the customers. You may find them excited about interacting with a machine that provides a similar experience as a human. Still, they will prefer human interaction while trying to find a solution to the problem. The technology is far behind for the use of the general public to understand the problem without the exact details. At the same time, humans assist by compensating for the lack of technical skills. Therefore, it gets easier for the non-technologically oriented customers to explain the complex problems to the representative.
  1. Makes Customers Feel Valued
Personalized communication makes the customers feel valued in the absence of a machine-generated response. It is a common marketing strategy to build long-term relationships with existing customers. You will experience a higher retention rate with positive feedback about customer support. Many businesses have invested with high-interest loans on customer support to enhance their overall performance. Nevertheless, you don’t have to pay the unreasonable interest rates LoanPalace.
  1. No Opportunities Missed
Your business will miss opportunities in the absence of personalized customer service. The machine may not explain the solution a product is offering for the problem of the customer. They might not even understand the problem of customers properly to recommend a service or product. Also, the unavailability of a representative is a huge deal-breaker for many customers. Thus, the increase in missed opportunities will start to hurt your business since the competitors will grab them.
  1. More Comfort for the Customers
Brands should invest in increasing the comfort of their customers. It will help increase retention and word-of-mouth marketing to boost your marketing campaigns. And human interaction is more comfortable than tech tools. They don’t have to understand the questions while trying to enter the required input. A direct question is asked to the representative instead of going through a series of submenus. Unlike machines, you don’t have to explain every small detail to humans while finding the solution.
  1. Easy-to-Manage
Many small business owners somehow invest in virtual support for their customers. However, they struggle to manage the tools in the absence of required technical knowledge. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to manage customer support in the absence of tech experts. The human workforce is easier for them to manage even without the technical skills. Almost every leader should learn the art of dealing with customers while providing the required support. Thus, you create realistic expectations and lead the team more efficiently.
  1. Reduced Dependency on Technology
Technology has streamlined almost every business process in different industries. The dependency on technology has a constant fear of disrupting the workflow in the event of a breakdown. Thus, you should not completely rely on technology for your business operations. The personalized communication from the business ensures the customers get vital support even if the technology is down. In the end, the personalized touch seems difficult to lose its prominence in customer support. If budget is the problem, you should apply for the guaranteed loans from a direct lender for capital to invest.

Do Not Miss the Advantages of Technology

The importance of personal touch to customer support is clear from the abovementioned points. However, you should not ignore the benefits of adopting the latest tech in the industry for different processes. Customer support also gains the following benefits with the use of modern technology.
  1. Save Money
The tools and their implementation are a heavy investment for small businesses. Not only the tools, but you also need to make sure the foundation is strong enough to support the latest technology. However, it makes more sense to consider it as a one-time investment. Unlike employees, you don’t need to hire them, pay salary, and provide benefits. They will not take paid holidays to increase the pressure on the other workforce. Thus, you may save enough to cover the interest on the unsecured debt consolidation loan to manage the other liabilities as well.
  1. 24*7 Availability
Small businesses struggle to provide 24*7 support to their customers. The cost of making the employees work in more than one shift is overwhelming for their finances. Also, it makes no sense to pay the full salary during the night hours when calls are extremely rare. On the other hand, the chatbot or virtual assistant will remain at their service 24*7. They will not ask for leave during the holiday season to visit their family or friends. Thus, the customers get support throughout the year regardless of time, day, and date.
  1. Instant Help
While dealing directly with the customers, you will find the support staff occupied for a long time to close an individual conversation. This increases the waiting time for other customers during peak hours. Thus, the customers may get frustrated and try the alternatives such as social media to get your attention. Thus, it gets important to provide instant help for the customers with minor troubles. The tech tools can manage hundreds or even thousands of customers simultaneously based on your IT infrastructure. It will protect your brand from negative feedback on online platforms.
  1. No Training or Management
Businesses spend significant resources on training the employees before deploying them to important projects. Training is important to polish the best talent selected from the hiring process. You don’t have to train the technology for the technology as the answers are pre-recorded for individual queries. Unlike employees, you don’t have to manage them if the company has an IT staff. They can take care of the problems related to efficiency and customer satisfaction from the responses. As mentioned above, it will reduce your grip over the process because of the absence of technical knowledge.
  1. Streamlined Personal Communication
Personal communication is streamlined with the introduction of technology. The representatives can now interact with the customers more efficiently through the same channels. Therefore, the technology can help complement personal communication with the right strategy and management.

Personal Touch in the Modern Lending Process

At LoanPalace, we use modern lending methods from the application to the repayment phase. This doesn’t reduce the personalized touch in our customer support. You can contact our representatives anytime to resolve any doubts or queries. Human interaction is extremely important in the lending business for borrowers. They cannot trust the machines for financial matters in the absence of assurance from experts or authority figures. Thus, you can rely on our online process to get financial support as the borrowers remain in contact with a representative until the loan is repaid.


To sum up, you need personal communication to improve the customer support for the business. It enhances the customer experience to create a positive brand reputation amid the fierce competition. Thus, you should invest in the human aspect of customer interaction to win the trust and build long-term relationships.