task batching
Jessica Rodz January 15, 2021
You need some intuitive ways to increase productivity at work without creating overwhelming stress on the employees. There are many books and articles available online to help leaders. One solution mentioned in those self-help materials is Task Batching. Task batching is the process to group similar tasks together that results in improved focus and productivity. It uses the flow of the mind and body to complete the task in the schedule without creating unnecessary diversions. The time spent on switching tasks is saved while preserving the focus on similar tasks. Here, we have mentioned some benefits and steps for task batching to help increase productivity at work. Benefits of Task Batching Before you implement a new system of work it is important to understand its purpose and importance. Task batching has the primary aim of creating a simplified schedule for various benefits. Following are the major benefits of task batching to the employees – Improved Focus You are wasting important energy while shifting the focus from one task to another. The resultant fatigue is the reason why you lose interest in work after the first few hours. It is easier to stay focused for long hours when the type of work remains almost the same. As a leader, the focus is very important for you to keep the organization afloat. Schedule the time ahead to keep the focus on the same domain. Apply for guaranteed loans after managing the finances of the organization to get the loan amount you “need”, not “want”. Increased Productivity Everyone has different hours of maximum productivity at work. You can use those hours to complete high-priority or difficult tasks to increase productivity. Also, there is no time to waste on the frequent shift of focus to an entirely different task. Try not to involve multiple tasks at once because it hinders productivity. You can still manage to get more work done without juggling different tasks together. Also, turn off the notifications on the mobile to reduce distractions. Reduced Stress A schedule will reduce the stress of deadlines and quality of work. You have allotted time to different tasks based on their priority. Therefore, there would not be any stress for some tasks pending in the schedule. The workload is now streamlined and more manageable than before. Make sure you say no to unimportant tasks interrupting in between to stay on track. You will meet deadlines almost every time with a relaxed mind. Steps to Task Batch the Day Now the benefits are clear to you, it is time to implement task batching in real life. It may take some time to create the habit of scheduling. Just be consistent and follow the below-mentioned steps – Create a Priority List The first step towards scheduling is to create a list of tasks you need to accomplish the following day. These tasks can be listed once a day or week based on your preference. Besides, the deadline for each task is known to you. Use a priority number for each task on the list. Write the hours required to complete tasks in the front column. Update the time after the regular interval as the productivity increases. Use Sub-Tasks You should break the bigger tasks into small sub-tasks to schedule them efficiently. The projects with multiple operations are benefitted the most while batching the tasks. You can even allocate the sub-tasks of the same project on the same day in a different time slot. Not only the projects but some major operations within the organizations can also be divided into sub-tasks for efficient management. Consider breaking the finances into managing debts and operational costs. You can then focus on debts with a debt consolidation loan for bad credit with no guarantor in the UK without dwelling on other expenses. Label the Tasks You can now batch the process together with some color scheme of your choice. Use the basic function of each task to categorize them. You must have the exact list of tasks in hand before you start with the labeling. Create the Schedule The tasks and labels can be allotted time and date on your calendar. Place similar tasks together in the schedule to batch them. Make sure the high-priority and intense tasks are allocated the most productive hours of the day. To sum up, task batching is an efficient method of scheduling your day. It may take some time to get used to creating and following a schedule regularly. But the increased focus and productivity is sure to keep you and your team motivated.