Need mortgage with multiple debts. Here is how to do it
Jessica Rodz June 28, 2021
Multiple debts are already difficult to manage, and when you want a mortgage with so many obligations already on your shoulders, it needs daring. Not the courage side but the financial daring. However, before you dare even think so, the stone of reality appears to break all the glasses of hope. Technically it is difficult to get a mortgage with many debts. However, before trying your luck, you cannot call it an impossible task.

You need to work on current conditions to get a mortgage

Whatever solution comes, it will come only by working on your circumstances because they are the prime reason for the difficulty. Your personal finances are already struggling to make a graceful space for new installments among the many debts. In such conditions, the need is to start working from the part that demands immediate attention. The following is the strategy to make necessary decisions in personal finances and finally grab your mortgage deal.

Pay off some of the debts

The best thing you can do to your personal finances in this condition is the full payment of debts because that suddenly lightens the burden. Your credit report shows the settled obligations, which is a good thing for your mortgage application. It is because when the lender takes a look during the credit check, it is undoubtedly going to see the nook and cranny. The settled debts show the financial caliber of a person, which makes the mortgage provide see a promising borrower in you. Try to pay off the high-interest debts first and if that is not possible, settle the short-term debts that are cheaper in their total and monthly cost.

Wait for some time until you get rid of some debts

This is another strategy to work on to get a mortgage with less or no stress of multiple debts. Time is always a strong factor in financial life. With time changes the circumstances because it is not only about your debts but also the property market. Sometimes people wait for two primary reasons 1) to settle their debts and 2) the property market may go down in the coming years. The latter reason is more prominent usually when people wait to decide. Do you also have the same reason? If yes, then you are not doing anything wrong. One significant thing in this concern is that you should not forget your age factor that is sure to play an essential role in the mortgage application. With more age, the borrower gets a shorter tenure, and the interest rates can also be higher. It is the reason because you plan to wait for some more months or years, it is better to consider the age factor.

Go for debt consolidation – The best help to mortgage applicants

Debt consolidation is usually considered the best choice for people struggling with multiple debts. This one loan product can completely fix your problem while making a smooth the way for a bigger loan. Sometimes people misinterpret debt consolidation mortgage as a mortgage product that gives them extra funds to pay off the other small debts. But first of all, that happens in remortgage when you take a new deal from the existing or a new lender and borrow extra to pay off other debts and have a cheaper mortgage. Technically, it is about getting rid of the multiplicity of obligations, finding respite from other obligations, and applying confidently for the mortgage. Debt consolidation is an expert of scattered debts; it lightens the burden so much that you can immediately see a significant and positive change in your financial life.
  • Some features of debt consolidation loans that help mortgage applicants

  1. The loans merge all the existing debts such as credit cards, personal loans, other short-term debts into one big loan that is affordable.
  2. The one loan made from the multiples debts is offered at a fixed rate of interest, and the buyer pays one installment in place of many for many loans.
  3. The duration and rate of interest of the loan always depend on the creditworthiness of the applicant. You cannot expect that a loan will be too low in interest rates.
  4. In case of bad credit history, you may need to compromise a bit on the total cost of the loan; however, after consolidation, you can pay off easy installments and improve ratings.

Joint loans can also be an option

After debt consolidation, the financial burden gets lightened quickly, but as the mortgage is a big loan, you may need to make some more effort. To qualify for the property loan quickly, you can try only more things after consolidating the other loans in your name. As you can get the idea, joint loans are offered based on the creditworthiness of two persons. It means one person can compensate for the financial weakness of the other. It is a more innovative way to get a mortgage with ease and less stress. Besides, it helps you get an assured approval on a big loan. If you seek 100% guaranteed loans on joint property loans, it is the right direction. Do not forget that merging two people is not sufficient. The other person giving you a backup should have spotless financial history and have a stable income source. Usually, when it comes to mortgages, the other person should be your relative because friends and friendship do not work here. They may help you gather a bigger deposit, but legally they may not become your co-applicant for borrowing the funds.

Bad credit? You need to work on the following aspects

Debt consolidation and joint loans are helpful, but if you have a poor credit history and missed payments in the current times, you need to handle things sincerely. It is necessary to improve the circumstances and pay the bills and debts at the right time. Your recent financial behavior is significant for the mortgage lenders, and if you cannot improve it, you cannot be sure about the approval. Work on improving personal finances, and there is a wide range of best mortgage lenders for bad credit people in the market. It is essential to work on every concern that can raise an issue while processing the mortgage application. The fund seekers who succeed to take the right actions at the right time always get approval on their property loan application. It is a fantastic thing to see the reward for your hard work. Once you start paying the debts on time, maintain them because you may need to borrow money funds or explore other financial products in the future. Even a mortgage can help you in many ways. For example – in the future, issues like multiple debts can annoy you again. In that case, if the repayment history with the mortgage lender is good, you can borrow a larger amount through remortgage on a cheaper deal. Good financial behaviour always gets repaid through constructive and profitable financial solution offers.


You may have noticed our financial behavior is like a circle where everything affects the other. Small but multiple debts may become an obstacle in your approval for the mortgage. Keep fewer debts, repay them at the right time, and everything will be fine. Everything revolves around your personal finances. The stronger you stay on that part, the better are the opportunities and the safer is the financial future.