Rebuild Your Credit Score in 5 Easy and Simple Steps
Jessica Rodz August 22, 2017

If you have problems related to bad credit history, most of the opportunities remain at best closed. A credit score that is way below the accepted level (619 on the FICO score) is deemed unsatisfactory.  As such, it will become tough to qualify for loans, should the need arise. In some instance, you might have to settle down for an option that do not offer much in terms of leverage and still costs you a fortune. There is also the factor of paying high rate of interest and this is not something that seems viable.

And there are those, whose credit score can be termed as “average” and still they find it difficult to meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the creditors. However, there is a strong possibility of getting the loans, but here too the terms levied are not quite that ideal. The only solution, under the circumstances is to find a way to improve the credit score. Unless you have achieved a good credit rating, the circumstances are not going to change. If it comes to a point, where you look for ways to attain loans on the most ideal terms, you must apply with a good credit score.

A little improvement in the credit scores can do a lot of good. For someone with an average credit rating, they will always try to gain some extra points, just to be on the good books of the creditors. And in the case of people with poor credit rating, it is equally important to take some drastic steps, in order to bring about the much desired improvements.

How to Rebuild the Credit Score?

Rebuilding the credit score is not as “complicated” as it appears to be. If you have a plan and a bit of patience, enhancing the credit score becomes a lot easier. The only thing that you have to do is to stick to the plan and the rest will fall in place.


1. Periodically Check Your Credit Report

credit-reportFirst of all, you must know exactly how your finances are doing. Periodically check your credit report to understand in what areas you need to improve and where to make the adjustments. If you had missed a lot of payments and your debt ratio is high, it does provide a glimpse of what you need to do to make a gradual recovery. To get a clear picture, you can seek out the free credit report once a year, which you are entitled to receive from each of the three credit rating agencies (Equifax, Experian & TransUnion).

It is only after making a proper evaluation of the credit report that you get an opportunity to learn about any mistakes or error. In most cases, it is the errors that affect your credit score. If something wrong is mentioned in the report, fix the same without any delay.  This way, you can make significant improvements in the credit score.


2. Make Sure to Clear the Payments 


If for any reason, you are way behind your payments, then it will be not much of any help, in case you are looking to improve the financial situation. What you can do is to update all the accounts and seek the help of creditors. Work out a payment plan and make sure to implement it at all cost it. It is only by informing the creditors your position that you have a chance to improve your credibility as a borrower. Most of the time, the creditors will come up with a solution that is mutually beneficial for both the parties.

You are bound to have some confusion with all the payments to be made and where to begin.  In that case, a credit counsellor will help you create a plan that is ideal for your circumstances.


3. Pay off the Bills Without any Further Delay

Pay-off-the-bills-without-any-further-delayoldQuite often, it is your missed payments on the bills that affect your credit score. When you miss the payments on the utility bills and other important expenses such as rent, it gets reflected on the credit score. The only way forward is to avoid missing the payments and clearing the dues on time. This way, you will be more be at ease and with less stress to handle, you will never have to worry about late payments and other such issues.


4. The Importance of Paying Away the Debts 

The-Importance-of-paying-away-the-debtsIf you are using credit cards and happen to be spending above the given limit, then it might work against you. It is ideal to use the credit in a responsible manner. In case, the debt from credit card is large, make sure to create a plan and pay off the debts in a systematic manner. For your own convenience, you must cut down on the expenses. By successfully reducing the extent of debt and decreasing the credit utilisation, your credit score is bound to improve and this really makes a huge difference.


5. Subscribe to Good Financial Habits to Gain More Confidence

Subscribe-to-good-financial-habits-to-gain-more-confidenceLast but not the least; it is time for you to make some changes into your lifestyle. This way, you have higher chances of avoiding bad credit situations, which is always a priority in your list.  To start with, develop clean habits and try to stay well within your limits. For instance, keep aside funds for emergency purposes, cut down on the unwanted expenses and always stick to a particular budget. This way, you will have sufficient funds to clear the dues on and you are least likely to face any major crisis.  Subscribing and practicing the good habits, while rebuilding the credit score will certainly boost your confidence and you will find a way to maintain your new and improved credit, without much of any complicacies.

Rebuilding Your Credit Beckons New Opportunities

With the steps mentioned above, you will certainly find a way to build a credit score that can be considered exceptional. The key here is to have some patience and sticking to the plans. It will certainly take some time and all of it comes down to how bad your credit situation is. But if you abide by the plans and insist on going through the rigours, you will find a way to mend the credit score. When you do have a good credit score, it will open up new opportunities.