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What are Guaranteed Loans?

Financial emergencies are the part of life, but we cannot sit relax without finding out the relevant solutions to them. In an attempt to provide those solutions, lenders are offering guaranteed loans on the borrower-friendly features.

These are the personal loans that must be guaranteed by either guarantor or collateral or the income status, depending upon the borrowers’ capacity. LoanPalace, as among the most reliable private lender in the UK, has been a leading provider of guaranteed loans. The interest rates are competitive, matching everyone’s financial needs and the repayment terms carry manageable monthly instalments.

Some of the salient features our guaranteed loans are:

  • No surprising costs, everything is transparent;
  • Soft lending policy, no credit check is there;
  • 100% online application, no documentation;
  • Loans for everyone, bad credit is welcome;
  • No prepayment cost, loan renewal is there.
Guaranteed loans uk

Loanpalace is a professionally managed, organised and experienced loan Lender in UK, offering comprehensive loan choices, including Short Term Loans, Guaranteed Payday loan, Guaranteed Loans for Unemployed etc. As your trustworthy Lender, we keep your priorities high up and giving 100% acceptance on your loan applications that you have submitted according to your immediate needs.

Precise Features of Guaranteed Personal and Business Loans

Loanpalace does not shy away from the opportunity to present something that no other lender is offering to the borrowers. To continue with this chain, we are have added both personal and professional purposes into our guaranteed loan products. It means whether you want to meet personal ends or have an urgent business requirement, you can rely on our guaranteed approval loans. Here are the attached attributes:

Guaranteed Personal Loans Guaranteed Business Loans
A Perfect way of meeting quickly with small issues related to personal finance. These loans are ideal for small business financing.
These are the unsecured loans where borrowers’ income plays the role of third party assurance. We are offering these loans as the secured loans where collateral or a guarantor secures the amount.
The loan amount is settled from £1000 to £10000. Borrowers have the opportunity to borrow between £10000 and £50000.
People with no credit history or poor credit scores are pre-qualified. Good or fair credit rating is expected, but acceptance also on bad credit profiles (interest rates may vary).
Eligibility is primarily determined through your employment history. Your repayment capacity will be judged by the time of your business.

Can I Expect Guaranteed Loans with No Credit Check?

Loanpalace is quite different from the traditional lending institutions, as they are generally like to stick to their ongoing terms and policies. We belong to the modern-day lending age where everything is possible for everyone. Our wide range of loan deals never closes the doors for those borrowers, who are applying for the first time in their life and they do not have any credit history to show their financial trustworthiness.

We provide the guaranteed loans with no credit check claim for the purposes of making everything easy for them to fetch the required funding. We do not take interest in what has happened in the past rather our main concern is your prevailing financial circumstances, which we aim to improve at any cost. Such sorts of loans also help you in building a credible credit score right from the start that will help in future funding too.

Instead of looking your loan application on the past performance, we make our decision on your recent credit improvement. We would like to see:

On the basis of these scenarios, we approve the loan application for you. Remember, you do not need to worry about the delay as this will be done on the same day of application submitted and to allow same day fund disbursal as well.

Does Loanpalace Offer Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit People?

Since our inception as Loanpalace, we have not been following the biased lending policy. In fact, we are trying hard to become the best financial ally for those individuals, who have been struggling hard with their bad credit scores. Other lending institutions have already ignored their loan applications. Therefore, getting loans without direct lenders is very tough for them. This is where we show our authenticity at the UK marketplace and committed to offer guaranteed loans with bad credit is not an issue.

The sole criteria of getting the loan approval here is not the credit score. We try hard for guaranteed loan acceptance on the basis of borrowers’ income status. Therefore, our lending doors are also open for those having very poor credit scores.

Besides, our financial experts are ready to assist you with their fee-free advice. You can take their suggestions sincerely and bring necessary improvement in your credit ratings.

We do not leave any chance to help them at the possible way and thus, we have customised our loan deals according to their needs and capacities. They can definitely look upon us for the assured financial help because they really find our interest rates and repayment schedules comfortable to their struggling finances. Moreover, borrowers also have the opportunity to enhance their credit profiles by making the repayments on time.

The benefits we provide definitely approve that why availing bad credit loans on guaranteed approval from direct lenders only is so crucial.

Why Guaranteed Loans from Loanpalace?

As a responsible direct lender, we don’t deny the fact that comparing lenders is an important practice. When you compare others with us, you will definitely find our guaranteed loans more convenient to your budget and provide you instant financial outcome.

The best part is that our smart loan procedures have eliminated all hassles related to the paperwork. Fill your loan application online, and you do not have to wait for our acceptance because we will process everything instantly.

Think of availing guaranteed short term loans for unemployed and bad credit people. Loanpalace will not make you wait or grumble. We are always available to answer your calls. Our response rate is incredibly high.


Are there any guaranteed loans?Are there any guaranteed loans?

To be honest, no loan provides you with 100% disbursal guarantee. Even if you have an excellent credit score, loans deals are likely to turn you down. A lender takes into account various factors to decide whether to approve your application or not, which are as follows:

  • Your repayment history
  • Credit score
  • Credit mix
  • The length of credit
  • Number of inquiries

Direct lenders make sure that you get a better deal despite poor credit rating. However, these loans carry high interest rates.

What is a loan guarantee fee? What is a loan guarantee fee?

The loan guarantee fee is the amount charged by the loan issuer, i.e., the lender. It is levied to cover up the gap that primary borrower faces in making the monthly repayments and in ensuring the loan on guaranteed approval. On behalf of primary, the secondary borrower, which acts as a guarantor, makes the repayments of the remaining amount. Some lenders charge the fee for it while some not, as the policy differs from one lender to another.

What does guarantee a loan mean?What does guarantee a loan mean?

Loan guarantee means a promise made by a guarantor to the direct lender to take debt obligation in case the borrower commits a default. The guarantor may be liable for a portion of a debt or the whole of a debt. In the absence of a guarantor, the guarantee toward the repayment of a loan can be given by putting collateral. The lender holds the right to sell the asset in case the borrower commits a default. It means the lender will not deny the loan application despite the borrower is having a bad credit score. If not the credit score, the borrower should have a guarantor with good credit score to confirm the guaranteed loan approval.

How can I increase my chances of getting a loan?How can I increase my chances of getting a loan?

You can do this easily by bringing a guarantor or having a good credit score. If you have a stable monthly income, then it can also work for you. But make sure that you are applying from a genuine lender.

What is a good credit score to apply for a loan?What is a good credit score to apply for a loan?

According to Experian agency, if you have a credit score between 881 and 960, then you have a good credit score. Ratings above than this are considered as excellent while below categories are belonged to fair, poor and very poor.

How much loan can I get on my salary?How much loan can I get on my salary?

It depends completely on your monthly wages and from where you are going to get the loan. In this way, traditional lenders can charge more high interest in a small amount. On the other hand, if you are going to online lenders then you can borrow a handsome amount of loan on the affordable interest rate. Else, you will get the amount based on your credit score and repaying capacity.

Are there any guaranteed payday loans?Are there any guaranteed payday loans?

Lots of lending agencies are advertising regarding guaranteed payday loans but in reality, there is no such type of loans available in the market. No lender or financial institution can offer a guaranteed payday loan. Payday loans providers are just like a bank and they can’t give you loans without performing the required checks. We understand that it is very difficult for people with poor credit to get the loan from their banks, so they seek private lenders. But the truth is that the concept of a guaranteed payday loan is a myth. To get the loan you have to meet the certain criteria of lenders.

Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit people?Are there any guaranteed loans for bad credit people?

Yes, of course. This is what all about the direct lending. The lenders belong to it are well aware of the risk involved and still, they do not hesitate to offer the guaranteed loans for bad credit people. The main thing is that how the borrowers can ensure the repayments to the lenders and the best way is showing your employment status. You past credit errors do not put positive impact on to your credit profiles and thus, your income status should force the lender to give you the guaranteed loan approval. Alternatively, you can also show guarantor or collateral, if manageable.

Can I get a guaranteed loan with no income? Can I get a guaranteed loan with no income?

It can be tricky but not impossible. There are a few direct lenders in the UK offering guaranteed loan to those with no income. They are accepting government benefits, pension or the rental income as the repayment source. Remember the interest rates can go higher.