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What Are No Guarantor Loans? Your Loan Your Responsibility!

Anyone can easily understand that no guarantor loans do not need any other person, like a relative or dear friend, to take your guarantee while borrowing the funds. It puts the whole responsibility of making loan repayments on to the primary borrower.

Most people prefer to take out loans without guarantor from direct lender because there is less documentation included than standard loan options. It further allows the application procedure a lot easier and straightforward.

Therefore, if you cannot arrange a person as your guarantor, you can borrow the funds on your own and get the direct benefits. Here are the features:-

  • Borrow up to £25,000 and the amount starts from £1,000
  • Flexible repayments easily fit to your income capacity
  • No barrier of bad credit history, approval on income
  • No upfront charges and only interest rates to pay
  • A perfect borrowing option for people with no credit history

Whenever you feel uncomfortable managing your financial health, LoanPalace is there to assist you financially and solve all your problems. There is nothing complicated, and the loan approval decision comes within a few minutes. Being a UK resident and above 18 years of age, do not wait, start applying now.

No Guarantor Loans


Gone are the days when getting loans with no guarantor needed was the impossibility. Now, the stage of the online platform has opened the doors for such lending products. LoanPalace welcomes people to opt for these loans and get the much-needed benefits.

At here, these are the personal loans available with no guarantor:

Types of Loans with No Guarantor Basic Features

Text Loans

Apply through a mobile text message

Loans available up to £5000

Repayment period till 12 months

Bad credit people can apply

No Guarantor Loans for Unemployed

Apply with part-time income

Borrow until finding a new job

Avail loans on affordability

Payday Loans with No Guarantor

No pre-registration required

Repay on your next salary day


Fund Disbursal in 15 Minutes


Applying for quick loans with no guarantor is useful when you cannot handle the financial emergencies. For that, you should have an adequate resource to bring the cash flow without any hassle.

When talking about the hassle, your bad credit score can be one such thing that can prevent you from getting the loan approval. Lenders are very much specific about the borrowers’ credit scores.

At LoanPalace, you may opt for the option of no guarantor loans for poor credit. Here, the approval comes according to the borrowers' income status, not on the past credit scores.

In fact, our name is already among the preferred choices for big loans for bad credit with no guarantor from a direct lender. Therefore, no matter you have a good credit score or bad credit rating; you get the approval with no burden of finding out a guarantor.


In most situations, people opt for a loan with no guarantor because they are unable to approach anyone to co-sign the loan agreement. There are many other reasons as well, such as:

No Guarantor Loans UK

Apply for loans from anywhere: Suppose you have just shifted from London to Manchester and want to buy a car there. There may be a chance that you do not have enough friends to take their help during the car loan application. These fast loans with no guarantor will be the ideal solution for you.

More chances of guaranteed approval: It is confirmed that the lender does not reject your loan application even if you do not have a guarantor. Therefore, you have more chances of loan approval, which would be with a bad credit score.

Approval does not take days or weeks: One thing is for sure that you get the no guarantor loans on instant decision. We work with advanced technology, which is enough to bring a loan approval on the same day.

How the Process of No Guarantor Loans Work?

Getting the no guarantor loans from direct lender is very easy if you have flexible lender service like LoanPalace. With us, the loan process is based on the following steps:-

  • Step 01: E-Application Submission

    Make your loan application online by filling up the single-page form. Mention all the necessary details and click on the ‘submit’ button.

  • Step 02: Get an Instant Quote and Approval

    We quickly review your loan application and the details mentioned and send an obligation-free loan quote. After mutual consent, we instantly release the desired funds to your active bank account within a few minutes.

  • Step 03: Follow the Repayment Schedule

    Now you have used the borrowed amount, and it is the time to make the on-time repayments. Timely repayments allow your credit score to improve significantly.

    This is evident that the process is not complicated at all. There is always a chance of availing same day loans with no guarantor.

What Features Make LoanPalace’s No Guarantor Loans So Useful?

We are the responsible direct lender in the UK and feel our duty to suggest you research in-depth before choosing the loan deal. We are among those lenders who do not promise 100% acceptance loans with no guarantor, but we try hard to assist you in a tough period.

Our loans are processed on two PRIMARY FEATURES, these are:-

  • Relaxed Credit Check is Our Basic Principle

    Like any other dependable lender, we also do a credit check of every borrower, but it does not impact their credit record. We do a soft credit score check to provide loans on affordability

  • Your Recent Financial Performance is Crucial

    If you seek for guaranteed loans with no guarantor, then your current income and financial performance should be at a satisfactory level. Your past credit score does not matter at all.

LoanPalace offers affordable no guarantor loans, which are according to the repayment capacity of the borrowers. We suggest you to apply for loans when you have no other option. Missing repayments can worsen your credit score.

Loan Palace FAQs


Which is better no guarantor loans or unsecured loans?

Both the loan options have their own importance. They are useful during financial emergencies and come with an instant loan decision. If you have a guarantor, then unsecured loan option is good. Otherwise, no guarantor loans are suitable if you have an asset but not a guarantor.

Is there any possibility of no guarantor loans with no credit check?

A credit check is a mandatory process that every lender has to do. As the responsible direct lender, we do a credit check of each borrower but in a relaxed manner. We do this practice to ensure loans on affordability.

What is the interest rate on loans without a guarantor?

LoanPalace is a flexible lender and decides all the terms regarding the interest rates after analysing the borrowers' current financial scenario and income status. However, each loan deal consists of competitive interest rates.

Can I Borrow £50000 with No Guarantor Loans?

You can apply for no guarantor loans to borrow up to £25000. You may need a guarantor or a co-signer to borrow more than that.

Why Only LoanPalace for Loans with No Guarantor?

There are strong reasons to choose us for no guarantor loans:-

  • 100% online procedure
  • Same-day fund disbursal
  • Flexible repayments
  • Affordable loans
  • Competitive Interest Rates

I want personal loans for bad credit near me. Does LoanPalace Offer?

Yes, we do.

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