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How No Guarantor Loans Benefit You?

If you need money to handle your urgent cash requirements, then you should approach us to apply for no guarantor loans. Fill out an online application form and wait for a few minutes to get approval. We have made the way for individuals, who aspire of getting quick funds to manipulate over the prevailing circumstances. It is why we are working online to help the hardworking individuals get the instant cash assistance.

We do not require a ‘third party’ to guarantee the loan repayment, as your promise is enough for us. Every customer is special here because poor credit score is not a matter of concern, but a way to bring specialised deals like loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees and instant decision.

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Why Loanpalace to Approach for No Guarantor Loans?

We understand the customers better and to prove it, we finalise the lending terms and repayment policies only after analysing their current circumstances. Here are our commitments:

What Varieties Accessible on Loans with No Guarantor?

At Loanpalace, we give a wide range of loans where no guarantor is required. You can apply anyone of them depending upon your prevailing need. Here are the loans according to the situations that you can consider:

To get same day cash transfer: If you want to reduce the impact of financial emergency, opting for payday loans would be a wise choice. You do not need any guarantor and we also not demand in terms of pledging any collateral. Easy repayment makes the situation more in your favour, as you can do the repayment on your next salary day.

Small funding for small needs: Never feels alone when you do not have funds to meet the expenses of home improvement or holidays. Apply for our short term loans with no guarantor needed.

When you are out of work: Your joblessness does not harm your finances too much and you do not have to waste time in finding out the guarantor. The unemployed loans here prevent any urgency and you can enjoy the flow of funds until finding out a new job.

What is the Possibility of Long Term Loans with No Guarantor?

In most of the times, lenders agree upon not having a co-signer especially where they just need to lend a small amount. Offering the large amount will not be possible for them since they are not sure about the proper repayments from the borrowers. They feel a certain risk in helping these individuals.

Loanpalace, as a new-age direct lender, always thinks beyond where other lenders often hesitate. We do have the provision of long term loans with no guarantor required. Whether you need money to purchase a new vehicle or for your business, we are ready to offer you desired money without asking too much on not having a guarantor. However, there will be some conditions to follow such as:

How Can I Apply for Loans without Guarantor?

Loanpalace is the responsible online lender that specialises in dealing with short term loans. We are working with the sole intention to enhance your financial condition and achieve long-term financial stability. The application form is simple and it does not take more than 5 minutes to complete. To avail loans from us, you just need to follow 3 steps, and that’s it!

No Guarantor Loans Go Beyond Bad Credit

In the UK, there is a large section of people, who have a trouble in their behind of the very bad credit scores or those facing the CCJ against their names. Only few lending institutions agree to assist them with such an adverse score. Loanpalace, on the other hand, has taken the initiative where they can also fetch necessary financial help.

In fact, we have arranged a specialised deal for them. Therefore, they now can easily apply for the very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check from direct lender. We have even exempted them from presenting a guarantor because we know how difficult is to convince a person to become the guarantor of whom did not perform well in maintaining the financial records up to the satisfactory level.

However, they must be employed and have to keep special attention on making the scheduled repayment this time.

Features that Loanpalace Has for its Borrowers

Offering no guarantor loans for people with bad credit on instant decision with no fees levied is something that makes us feel proud to be a direct lender. Here are some factors that make us prominent and give you the reason to trust us:

Loanpalace presents what is the best for you. We are always ready with effective loan solution whether it comes in the form of instant payday loans or no guarantor loans. Our customer-friendly team available 365 days. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Avail the Chance to Get No Guarantor Loans on Instant Payout

With no guarantor is involved in the lending process, you have more chances of getting the loan approval quicker than expected. You do not need to waste time in finding out a person with good credit rating and take your guarantee. Instead, go for these loans and receive funds immediately.

As the responsible direct lender, we do not mind the absence of the guarantor. Instead, we prefer to look at these factors to bring the guaranteed loan acceptance despite no guarantor:


Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?What is Payday Loan

Yes! You can get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor. There are online lenders who provide no guarantor loans for borrowers with poor credit history. But if you go for the loan to traditional borrowers with a poor credit score, the chance of getting approval is very unlikely. So it’s better to look for online lenders for loans without guarantor and low credit. You have to keep one thing in mind while applying for this loan: since lenders are not asking you to produce guarantor, that means they are taking the risk. Hence, in order to compensate for the loss in future, they charge a high rate of interest.

What is a no guarantor loan?What is Payday Loan

A no guarantor loan is a type of unsecured loan where the borrowers don’t have to produce anyone to guarantee their loan agreement. This way lender is taking a risk by giving loans to such borrowers because if the borrower fails to make repayment of the loan on time, the lenders will recover the loss from the guarantor. Also, in order to compensate for the probable loss in the future, the interest rate on such type of loan is high as compared to secured loans or guaranteed loans.

Can I get a loan without a guarantor?guarantor

Very quickly, you can get a loan without having a guarantor to back you. However, it requires you to apply for loans only from the online lender. The best part of these loans is that you can seek for the loans even if you have the bad credit score. If the approval is not through a guarantor, then borrowers must fulfil either of these two pre-requisites:

  • The borrower should have a full-time income source
  • Providing the collateral becomes necessary if a large amount is required
  • The borrowed amount should be small enough to meet an only emergency need

What loans can I get without a guarantor?What is Payday Loan

If you are unable to provide a guarantor to get a loan because of your wrecked financial situation, then there is nothing to worry about. At Loanpalace, you can get funds without even a guarantor. However, the rate of interest might be slightly higher than the others. But, you still can manage to get a good deal if your other financial aspects are strong.

Can I avail a loan without a guarantor on my side?What is Payday Loan

There is no surprise that now you can get a loan without a guarantor. You don’t have to waste your time as well as financial resources. You can get an instant approval on your loan application in fact you can get the same day fund disbursal into your bank, if you are employed somewhere. Even though people who have a bad credit score they can also apply for these loans through a very simple and easy process. However, there is a plus point that you don’t need any broker you can directly apply for loan from an online lender like Loanpalace.

Loans without a guarantor, will I be approved?What is Payday Loan

Of course, you can get approved for the loans without a guarantor. You just need to follow a certain condition, which can help you get a smooth approval. Apply with a good repayment capacity to convince the lender on your affordability against the loan amount. Your current income status is the best way to get the approval decision in your favour. The online lending is the best choice to make, as it is more friendly and flexible for the borrowers. The interest rates are competitive and repayment plans are flexible. All thanks to the customisation feature, that keeps the obligation always in your control.

Can I get no guarantor loans from a direct lender? What is Payday Loan

It is straightforward to get no guarantor loans from a direct lending firm. It is the best source to avail a loan with such flexibility. The acceptance of the loan application usually comes through the income status of the borrowers. If the income is sufficient, then the lender does not have any doubt in giving the loan to the borrower.

Will I be approved for a loan without a guarantor? What is Payday Loan

Yes, you can be approved for the no guarantor loan. You just need to approach a direct lender offering deals on flexible features. Alternatively, you can get approval on your good credit score or collateral or good income if not the guarantor.