Emergency Funding through Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever felt yourself helpless while standing on the road with the punctured tire? Or not have enough money to buy your favourite watch while shopping at the mall? There are many situations like this where you are required to have instant funds. This is exactly where text loans allow you to get access to desired funds through an SMS.

At Loan Palace, we understand that you need money in a hurry and you might look for the convenient mode to come out of it. With us, you are no longer restricted to the computers or laptops for availing the loan. A single text can work for you. You just need to drop a message and we will revert back to you in a couple of minutes.

What Makes You A Perfect Candidate for Text Loans?

When loans are needed fast, qualification always matters. Here is the list you should check out before proceeding:

  • Doors of Borrowing Are Opened for Salaried People.
  • Unemployed People Are Invited.
  • Opportunities Are Available for Retired People.
  • No More Issues with Bad Credit Borrowers.
  • Students Can Apply.
  • People Living on Government Grants.
  • A Great Alternative for the First time Borrowers.

Want Text Loans from Direct Lenders with No Credit Check?

Nothing can put you on hold especially when you have multiple options to explore. Loan Palace brings wide options to generate some extra funds in order to counter your urgent financial issues. By looking at the growing demand of instant loans, we have fulfilled the aspiration of those individuals, who are looking for the text loans from direct lenders with no credit check.

We understand what stress that a financial emergency can put on your mind. Therefore, we have relieved you by not adding the credit check among the mandatory clauses of these loans. It means people with no or bad credit history, are also eligible to seek financial assistance on an immediate basis.

Enjoy the Benefits besides an Opportunity to Bridge Financial Gap

Loan Palace aims to improve financial conditions of the prospective borrowers. We are here to help you with innovative offers on text payday loans. Let’s take a look at the benefits come with the loan:

  • Quick Approval
  • Instant approval of loans is something that makes the loan prominence among the borrowers. You just need to drop a message to access the loans. The procedure of applying is quite convenient and does not let you wait for hours.

  • Competitive APRs
  • When loan is required, rates of interest are always a matter of concern. The loans are multidimensional and do come with low cost of repayments. This is one of the best advantages that Loan Palace has brought out.

  • Bad Credit Issues
  • Bad credit rating is no longer going to bother you. Despite imperfect credit score, your loan request will be considered in the same way. There is absolutely no extra fee and you are treated as a qualified candidate for the loans.

  • Repay As You Like
  • Another benefit you will get from the text loan is that the repayments are flexible. The repayment options will definitely match your repayment ability and fit into your monthly budget. Now, you can easily repay the borrowed amount while managing the everyday living expenses.

    Applying for the text loans from the direct lenders in the UK would be your prime concern. As a responsible lender, Loan Palace always tries to meet your expectations. Now, the choice is yours which loan deal you wish to avail. Just drop a message and we treat your SMS as the complete application.

A PALACE of Well-designed Short Term Loan Deals

For us, financial responsibility is a two way process. We consider ourselves equally responsible as the borrowers in all our dealings with instant payday loan through an SMS. Our text loan service is available to every customer. We proudly represent a PALACE of well-designed deals for your financially contented life. In fact, we work to make our customers realise that it is really a great experience of borrowing here.

People spend hours on mobile phone, why not try your mobile phone to get the guaranteed loan deal. We believe in flexible lending approach and allow the customers to borrow money through a clear, customise and convenient process. Here are some ways through which we do provide support:

  • No Collateral: We do not ask for valuable asset to use as collateral and it is enough to ease your burden.
  • No Credit Verification: Funds are sent to your bank account without verifying your credit rating.
  • No Guarantor: Why waste time in searching out for a responsible guarantor when you already have an offer with no need of co-borrower.
  • No Faxing: No paperwork and faxing to help you get your loan quickly.
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