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Not always you have financial stability. At some point in time, a surprise will come, and you lost the balance all over. It is often found that small financial emergencies disturb more an individual than the long-term ones, as they arrive all of a sudden.

Small text loans are the perfect response to those financial emergencies, which have snatched away your peace of mind.

At LoanPalace, we responsibly offer these short-term loans according to the borrowers’ affordability and recent financial commitments. These loans suit the best during financial urgencies. Therefore, long-term financial goals cannot be possible with these financial products.

Features of Mobile Text Loans: Do you want to know the basic nature of these loans? Here it is:

  • These are small loans and can be applied from anywhere;
  • The loan process starts from an SMS send by a borrower;
  • You can receive cash in minutes as there no guarantor is needed;
  • These fall into the category of unsecured loans where we do not need any asset;
  • These are high-interest rates loans, but the chances of approval are there.
Text Loans


You are applying for loans because you are in financial difficulty. As the responsible direct lender in the UK, we understand each compulsion that our borrowers face. Therefore, we follow a flexible lending policy making sure everyone gets the favour of modern-day lending.

We are a team of experienced financial experts who know how to prepare a borrower-friendly deal. We ensure text loans 24/7 so that we can assist you at any time of need.

Here are the key benefits of text message loans, which we bring for you.

  • No Documentation

    When you send us a text message to apply for a loan, you do not need to submit too many papers to secure the application. You can either pre-register with us or keep ready your income proofs. Your income works as the assurance of loan repayment at the given time.

  • Instant Access to Funds

    The primary benefit of small loans like text loans is that you have instant access to funds. You apply today, and you get the funds today. We quickly analyse the loan application, the details mentioned and approve it if everything goes well.

  • Bad Credit Does Not Matter

    These loans suit mainly the people with a less-than-perfect credit score. In such loans, the approval comes based on their income status, not on past credit mistakes. Besides, the guarantor is also not required either.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    At LoanPalace, you will have the significant benefit of getting SMS loans at competitive interest rates. Although these loans have a higher interest rate, we are a firm follower of affordable loan deals suitable for everyone.

  • Flexible Repayment Schedules

    Not only the affordable interest rates, but we also focus on flexible repayment schedules. It means you can choose your own repayment plan and date. It gives you a further advantage of improving the credit scores, as you can manage easy monthly instalments.


Your financial emergency is forcing you to approach a direct lender offering cash by text. At LoanPalace, we provide you with an opportunity to apply for loans without making too many efforts in terms of legwork and paperwork.

Only simple and straightforward steps to follow, which are mentioned below:-


Apply through a Mobile Text

When you need funds immediately, text us a message with your loan requirement.


Instant Response from Us

Once we received your text, we quickly go to your requirement and start the approval process.


Approval within a Few Minutes

After all the details are analysed, we approve the loan application within 15 minutes.


Fund Transfer on the Same Day

We do not delay the process of fund transfer, as we disburse the amount within 24 hours.


Repay the Loan

Follow the repayment schedule as per the decided plan and improve your credit rating.


The impact of a bad credit rating is significant when someone applies for loans. At here, we practice responsible online lending and ensure loan options for everyone irrespective of any credit history.

Small Tezt Loans
  • We receive many requests where borrowers seek text loans with no credit check and no broker. Well, we can ensure that you do not need any third person to approach us because we are 24/7 available online with bespoke loan offers.
  • LoanPalace follows responsible lending and checks the credit history of every borrower. This will be the soft credit check and done only to ensure affordable loan deals for the borrowers. It does not leave any search footprint on your credit profile.
  • We may agree on no credit check only if you have performed well in handling your recent financial performance. As long as you assure us of proper repayment, we can approve a loan for you almost on a guaranteed basis.


The comfort of borrowing and the convenience of repaying the loan is what we aim for. Moreover, our vast online presence all over the UK makes things more comfortable for you in getting a loan from us. Whether you search with small text loans or text 4 loans, you will find us at the top and approach us straightway.

Text Loans at LoanPalace Other Lending Institutions
Flexible interest rates and repayment plans Fixed lending criteria
100% online procedure Paperwork may be included
Text Loans for unemployed are easily available Usually, persons with full-time job are preferred
No guarantor and no collateral A guarantor may be mandatory
Part-time income can be accepted Only full-time income is applicable

If you have any query regarding any loan norms, feel free to contact us anytime. Otherwise, start applying today by sending us a message from your Smartphone. We vouch for the quickest response from our representative and fee-free lending advice.

Loan Palace- FAQs


What is a text loan?

A text loan is a small loan that the borrower applies by sending a text message to the lender as the loan request. It falls into the category of unsecured loan and it does not require a guarantor. Most of the borrowers apply for the loans when they are in extreme financial urgency. A loan you apply for by sending a text to your direct lender is known as text loans. These are the convenient loans to take out to fund any short-term expenses.

  • You will fill out the application form
  • After initial application process, a PIN will be generated.
  • You will send a text message with a PIN to your lender.
  • You will get funds within a couple of minutes
  • Number of inquiries
Can I apply for text loans 24/7?

As you do not need to visit the lender in person, you can apply for text loans anytime when you want. You just need the internet to fill out the application form. Note that when you submit an application after working hours, we will process it next day for approval stage. Once you give your consent and sign the agreement, you will get money in your account. The entire process takes a couple of minutes. Even if you apply for the loan on a public holiday, the amount will be disbursed the next working day after approval.

Do text loans with no fees exist?

Yes, text loans with no fees exist, but not all lenders provide such types of loans. Loanpalace does not charge any processing fees, neither upfront fees. The lender requires you to simply fill out the loan application without any charges. If your profile is approved, you will get money the same day. In fact, the lender does not charge any hidden fees. However, not all lenders provide these loans without charging any fee. You should carefully read all terms and conditions mentioned in your contract before giving your consent. A reliable lender does not charge any.

Can I apply for a loan on Sunday?

Yes, you can apply for text loans on Sunday, but rest formalities from approval procedure to funds transfer will be performed the next business day. The best part of online lending is you can submit your request anytime from anywhere. This makes half of the job easier. The next day, first the lender will review those applications submitted on Sunday so that you can get money as soon as possible. You will get money within a couple of minutes.

How can I get a fast and easy loan?

Apply at Loanpalace. Yes, this is the right answer of this question. You just have to apply for online application that requires no paperwork and no obligations to follow. Apply and get an early assistance.

Can you get a text loan with a credit score of 550?

Yes, of course. Your credit score may be poor but the lender does understand your compulsion of financial emergency. Thus, it does not check your credit history rather provide funds on present circumstances.

How can I get a loan over the phone?

Gone are the days when you had to stand up in a long queue to get a loan. Now, the lending industry has gone some big revolution and today there is a possibility to get instant funding which can be provided within the same day of the approval. These quick funding are also popular as text loans as the borrower can get the loan simply by sending an SMS to the lender who offers such loans. If approved, the amount is directly transferred to the account within minutes.

Where can I get a text loan with no credit check?

You can get a text loan with no credit check with Loan Store. No credit check means the lender will run neither hard inquiries nor soft inquiries. These loans generally aim at those borrowers who have very poor credit rating and want money as soon as possible. Since the lender runs no credit check, it saves your time and you get funds very quickly. A text loan with no credit check can cost you high interest rates, therefore make sure that you have budget for repayment.

What is the cheapest way to borrow money?

Just analyse the interest rates offered by the lenders. Do not apply where the rates are too much high. Compare the direct lenders and select the most suitable one that can match to your finances.

What is the highest text loan amount?

Text loans are generally short term debt that is applied during the emergency such as sudden car break down, job loss, medical emergency, unexpected bills and others. So, the amount is generally nominal that varies from lender to lender. Now, if you are applying for the loan at Loanpalace, then you can apply from £1000 up to £2500 at max. All you need to do is submit the online form and then if approved, the amount will be disbursed within a few hours.

I want personal loans for bad credit near me. Does LoanPalace Offer?

Yes, we do.

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