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Unemployed Loans - Don’t be ‘Fund-less’ While ‘Jobless’

Money acts as a friend and foe in an individual’s life. When it is a friend, you can fulfil any wish, but you struggle to manipulate over regular expenses when it is a foe. And, it all depends upon your employment status.

During unemployment, things become complicated for you and your family. Remember, financial emergency does come whether you are working somewhere or not.

The unemployed loans in the UK do favour you in such tricky circumstances. While other lenders demand income proof to grant a loan, LoanPalace follows flexible lending policies and approve the application on other income sources.

Discuss with us now about your financial capacity, loans’ affordability and current need for funds. We provide you with a variety of unemployment loans.

Unemployed Loans

How Can I Eligible for Loans for Unemployed in the UK?

We do not want that your loan application gets rejected because you do not have a current job. We have arranged some other ways to get loans when unemployed. These are:-

  • Your Credit Profile

    The credit score always have the upper hand in the loan acceptance. Lenders prefer those borrowers who have a good credit history. However, unemployment sometimes lowers down the credit score that further becomes an obstacle while looking for another loan.

    Keep trying to have your credit score at the acceptable level if you are unemployed. Once you do that, lending doors for you are always available.

  • Your alternative Earning Source

    There is no need to worry about your lack of full-time income. Loan approval also comes through other sources of income, such as:-

    • Unemployment benefits
    • Freelancing
    • Social Security Benefits
    • Pension
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Disability Allowance

    An Important Note: We may consider your loan application based on these two ways. Still, the chances of guaranteed loans for unemployed depend on your affordability.

What Options Are There on Loans for Unemployed from Direct Lender?

At LoanPalace, we offer a wide range of short term loans for unemployed in which you can decide according to your current financial needs. Below are the loan products along with their features:-

Same Day Loans for Unemployed: Need money, urgently? Apply for our same day loans that come despite no current job. These are available online with not much documentation.

  • Approval within 15 minutes
  • Soft Credit Check
  • Flexible Repayments

Unemployed Loans No Guarantor: Jobless individuals often struggle to find out the person to take their guarantee. We still approve your loan application with no guarantor needed.

  • Instant Loan Approval
  • Borrow on Repay Capacity
  • No Additional Fees

Payday Loans for Unemployed: Do not worry about the repayments when needing loans during an emergency. We have exclusive deals on unemployed payday loans.

  • Repay Fortnightly or Weekly
  • Fast Cash Advance
  • Get a loan without income proof

Are Unemployment Loans Available If You Have Bad Credit?

Yes, there is the possibility to get loans for unemployed with bad credit and no guarantor too. A loan preference is indeed given to those with good credit scores, but doors are also opened for the less-than-perfect score.

Loans for Unemployed

Bad credit score cannot stop a person from getting the loan approval, especially if the recent performance is satisfactory. Therefore, we consider your current credit scenario rather than the past record.

Apart from the recent performance, the criteria also include the income capacity of the borrowers. How much they can afford with their part-time income or additional earning source is what matter for the loan acceptance.

You will have following benefits:

  • Affordable Interest Charges
  • Flexible Repayment Plans
  • Credit Score Improvement


At LoanPalace, you will have every chance of borrowing money despite not having full-time employment. You can borrow funds to fulfil the planned and unplanned expenses throughout the unemployment period.

The unemployed loans on same day payout are possible through a quick and straightforward ONLINE APPLICATION procedure.

You will need to apply for a single-page online form, and we get back to you quickly with an obligation-free loan quote. Other than this, we have more options for you:-

Doorstep Loans for Unemployed

The loan process is done at your home during the scheduled meeting with our qualified agent.

Text Loans for Unemployed

During the financial emergency, apply for the loan from your Smartphone and send us a text.

To apply and know what unemployed loan deal is suitable for you, click here and get the approval as well as fund disbursal within 24 hours.

Why Borrow LoanPalace Unemployed Loans?

At LoanPalace, we are ready to consider your loan application if you are jobless. We always believe that no one should remain untouched from the flexible lending that we use to offer.

Therefore, go-ahead from your current income status and get the following BENEFITS of our instant loans for unemployed:-

  • Cheaper Interest Rates

    You can compare with anyone, but our interest rates will come cheaper than any other lenders.

  • Flexible Repayments

    Get the significant benefit of flexible repayments, including weekly or monthly.

  • Approval on Unemployed Benefits

    Do not worry about your approval chances. We offer unemployed loans on benefits.

  • No Hidden Fees

    We do not surprise you with any additional fees. Only the interest rates you will pay.

  • Loans for Any Purpose

    We do not restrict you from using funds for any purpose. Spend it for the right expense.

  • Same Day Payout

    We provide you with the right platform for unemployed loans on same day payout.

Loan Palace- FAQs


Does LoanPalace Offer Unemployed Loans with No Credit Check?

All the loans, including loans for unemployed, here are subject to mandatory credit check. It won’t affect your credit profile because we do a relaxed credit check. Instead, our policy helps you to improve the credit score.

Why is long-term funding not possible with Unemployment Loans?

When you borrow a substantial amount of funds, you will have to pay hefty monthly instalment as the loan repayment. It is difficult to manage heavy instalment from part-time income. Therefore, lenders offer short-term loans for unemployed.

How Unemployed Loans from Direct Lenders Help in My Credit Score Improvement?

For this, you will have to approach a reliable direct lender who can offer you flexible repayment plans. LoanPalace does the same by adopting flexible terms while dealing with the application of bad credit unemployed people.You can choose your affordable plan, repay as per the schedule and improve your credit score.

What is the difference between Unemployed Payday Loans and Same Day Unemployed Loans?

The payday loans for unemployed require repayments on the next salary day of the borrower. On the other hand, same day loans for unemployed can be repaid on any date of the month.

Does LoanPalace Offer Unemployed Loan everywhere in the UK?

Yes, we offer loans for unemployed at every corner of the UK. We only deal in online loans, and thus, you can apply irrespective of any city or place.

I want personal loans for bad credit near me. Does LoanPalace Offer?

Yes, we do.

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