Are You Unemployed? We Can Still Help!

Relying solely on government grants is quite challenging when you are not earning. The days of unemployment create many hurdles in the life of every individual. To help you to keep your financial life balanced, Loan Palace has come up with bespoke deals on the unemployed loans. While running out of the job if you think that there are no options available to you, then it is the right time to think again. This is exactly where we can help you.

The emergency happens and comes all of a sudden. No matter what urgent situation you are currently facing. What actually matters to us is the hard work to serve your purposes. For us, unemployment is not something due to which we could not help our customers. In fact, we have brought out a nice financial opportunity in the form of emergency cash loans for unemployed people. As a dedicated lender, we are 24/7 ready to help you. Now, there is absolutely no reason to get worried about your pending bills and current circumstances.

Why Only Loan Palace to Apply Unemployed Loans in UK

Reliability and result-oriented approach are the two main factors that can convince any borrower while making a decision on the lender. Loan Palace leads a queue of those reliable lending hubs where the assistance comes through the way of exceptional deals on the Instant Approval unemployed loans in UK.

These loans have been embedded with many useful features such as competitive interest rates, flexible repayments, no documentation and no mandatory compulsion of providing guarantor or collateral. It means you can continue to concentrate on attending the interviews and we will take care of your finances during this time.

How to Ensure Your Loan Application Approved

All humans may not be same to each other but there are some situations that can match one individual to another. Here we are talking about the financial situations. You may need some extra cash to cover up the unexpected expenses and it becomes more difficult if you are unemployed. Seeking help of the traditional lenders may not work for you so from where you can get fast loans?

Loan Palace does provide you loans irrespective of your latest earning status. We provide personalised offers on loans to help jobless individuals who are having difficulty in accessing the desired funds.

We ensure guaranteed approval to the borrowers, but they must have:

An acceptable credit score: A good credit score is the guarantee of a loan approval and every lender welcomes people with better credit record. We also follow the same but, loan applications are also accepted here of those with bad credit score. As long as they have the good repayment capacity, we don’t have any problem to accepting your application. We generally follow the no credit check process that won’t leave any search footprint on your credit record.

Other Earning Sources: If you do not have any stable income source, no problem. We can consider these as the main sources of income:

  • Benefits receiving from the Government
  • Earning money through rental property
  • Income generated through self employment

Our Exceptional Loan Deals for All

We know the pain of being rejected for loans due to the jobless situation. Maybe your options are limited because of no active income. However, this is actually not a case with the Loan Palace. We aim to fill the financial gap in the lives of our borrowers and never judge their creditworthiness with bad credit rating. We, in fact, never follow strict norms for lending money. To eliminate the financial chaos, we provide reliable and effective services. Our customers never have to wait for long to receive the funds. Check out who can be our customers:

  • People with adverse borrowing record
  • Students, who rely on their income for studies
  • Unemployed homeowners
  • People living on rent but have no job.

What Do We Count As Income?

At Loan Palace, we are pleased to offer loans for the unemployed people. But we want the applicants to have any reliable source of income to support the loan repayments. We understand that it may not be possible for the applicants to collect the proof of income. That is why we approve your request for guaranteed payday loans based on pension and government benefits. During your adverse time, we will consider your income and outgoings as a part of our decision making process.

Feel free to apply from us if you have…

  • Citizenship of the UK
  • Age of 18 years and more
  • A valid savings account

What we promise, we definitely implement and it is a commitment NOT an overstatement.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are the direct lender for short term loans the best part about our services is that there is no fees. For us, having no job is not a problem as we look at you not at your employment. You get quick decision on your loan request. Here is the list what makes us unique for availing emergency cash loans for unemployed people:

  • No upfront & processing charges
  • Instant decision on your loan request
  • High rates of acceptance
  • No guarantor needed
  • No pre-judgment on your creditworthiness

At Loan Palace, our dedicated team is available seven days a week to help you with guaranteed loans to get through the tough phase of unemployment.

  Unemployed Loans FAQs

Unemployed loans have been designed to provide financial support to those who are out of work. Generally, they come on flexible interest rates.

Yes, you can take out the unemployed loan provided you have a source of income like a part-time job or rental income.

You will fill out the loan application online along with the proof of your income. Once your application is approved, you will get funds transferred to your account.

You can get these loans from any direct lender. However, make sure that the loan company is prominent like Loan Palace.

You can use these funds to meet any unexpected expenditure like laptop repair, car service etc. These loans come with flexible terms so that you can repay on time.

Yes, an unemployed loan is a good idea because it allows you explore and expand your project for the betterment of the job security. You can any time get the access of it with an instant disbursal.

Yes, as the direct lenders have initiated smart policies so that anyone can use it to serve the condition. With the help of flexible policies, you can anytime take a smart decision for yourself.

Yes, you should borrow money because it helps you in many ways. For example, it can state your financial identity for future purposes and you can serve any of your upcoming projects with an easy repayment mode.

You just have to fill up an online application, if qualify you can get your loan approved. Therefore, with an assurance of on time payment you can get your quick loan approved.

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