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Are You Unemployed? We Can Still Help!

Relying solely on government grants is quite challenging when you are not earning. The days of unemployment create many hurdles in the life of every individual. To help you to keep your financial life balanced, Loanpalace has come up with bespoke deals on the unemployed loans. While running out of the job if you think that there are no options available to you, then it is the right time to think again. This is exactly where we can help you.

The emergency happens and comes all of a sudden. No matter what urgent situation you are currently facing. What actually matters to us is the hard work to serve your purposes. For us, unemployment is not something due to which we could not help our customers. In fact, we have brought out a nice financial opportunity in the form of emergency cash loans for unemployed people. As a dedicated lender, we are 24/7 ready to help you. Now, there is absolutely no reason to get worried about your pending bills and current circumstances.

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Is there any chance for a jobless person to receive an external funding access? ‘Yes’ is the definite answer despite being very complicated to get a loan. In fact, there is no other way available through which an unemployed can secure funds on almost guaranteed way.

Unemployed loans are among the most applied short term loans in the UK just because lenders have become more prone towards the policies of quick approval and same day payout. By getting the money on an instant basis, one can conveniently come over unforeseen monetary expenses.

Loanpalace has designed the loans especially to offer fast financial respite to those jobless individuals, who do not have adequate regular income source. Therefore, the approval usually comes on the current circumstances of the borrowers. Once the amount received, they can use it to pay the short term expenses such as:

Apart from these objectives of applying for these loans, the most common or biggest reason is HOME IMPROVEMENT. Yes, jobless people mostly prefer loans to make some necessary changes to their home.

No third party like guarantor or broker is required to convince or find us. Our online presence will make easy for you to have loan benefits without living on government’s benefits.


Ways are not easy for the unwaged individuals, who are living on benefits. The mainstream lenders do not accept them as their eligible borrowers because they think that these people may not require loans as such, as they are already living on benefits. But reality is something different because these people too need loans to manage their unexpected expenses.

As a responsible direct lender, we also want to serve their financial interests by accepting these benefits as the income source as well as the base of their loan approval:

Note: It is always better to apply for such payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders during the emergency situations because it has three benefits:


Jobless individuals not only struggle with their lacking of funds but also with their bad credit score. If the wait for new job goes longer or due to limited monthly salary, they could not make their credit card payment, utility bill payments or loan repayments on time. As a consequence, their credit score goes down towards poor category and most of the lenders see them as the risky borrowers.

Loanpalace always thinks beyond and feels no risk in funding these people through a number of loans for the unemployed with bad credit score. Few of them are mentioned below:

Bad Credit Loans

Yes, we have specified loan deals for these people and they can apply even if they are not working on regular basis.

No Guarantor Loans

Not having the guarantor is not just the problem of unemployed but bad credit people too. Apply for these easy loans and secure desired funds.

Debt Consolidation Loans

This is the best way to come out early from multiple debts trap. These loans will cover your pending dues and you can concentrate on finding a new job and improving the credit scores.

Text Loans

Text Loans are meant for quick funding and have been proving ideal for jobless individuals. We offer them with no credit check feature, thus suitable for poor credit people also.


Seeking funding access without facing too much of complications is always a desire of every jobless person. Loanpalace brings exactly that in front of you through the means of short term loans. Any unemployed person can avail amount from £500 to £7000 and can decide the repayment term on weekly or monthly basis. Generally, the interest rates may be higher than usual but you will find ours quite competitive and affordable to your pocket.

In order to apply for the loans, you just have to use the online medium. It is the best way to satisfy your needs on an immediate basis. If you apply online, there will be no documentation and lengthy application form is to complete. Instead, a small online form is needed to be filled out with mandatory details. Once your application approved, we quickly transfer the requested amount to your bank account.

Get your loan approval today with these benefits:

Loanpalace makes sure that you get adequate financial assistance during any sudden crisis occurred due to unemployment. Never miss our flexible lending and start applying for loans now.

Unemployed Loans FAQs

What are unemployed loans? What is Payday Loan

Unemployed loans are basically loan products that are designed to provide financial assistance to the jobless people. Such loans are mostly provided by direct lenders who have such loan facilities for which you can apply online. Here are the examples that can apply or are most suitable for unemployed loans:

  • Person facing redundancy
  • Retired
  • Self-employed
  • Tenants
  • Women on maternity leave
  • Student doing part-time job

Can I borrow money if I am unemployed?What is Payday Loan

Yes, you can take out the unemployed loan provided you have a source of income like a part-time job or rental income.

How do I get a loan if unemployed?What is Payday Loan

You will fill out the loan application online along with the proof of your income. Once your application is approved, you will get funds transferred to your account.

Which is the best company to get unemployed loans in UK?What is Payday Loan

You can get these loans from any direct lender. However, make sure that the loan company is prominent like Loanpalace.

What are the Key Benefits of loans for unemployed people?What is Payday Loan

You can use these funds to meet any unexpected expenditure like laptop repair, car service etc. These loans come with flexible terms so that you can repay on time.

Is an unemployed loan a good idea?What is Payday Loan

Yes, an unemployed loan is a good idea because it allows you explore and expand your project for the betterment of the job security. You can any time get the access of it with an instant disbursal.

Is it smart to take out a loan?What is Payday Loan

Yes, as the direct lenders have initiated smart policies so that anyone can use it to serve the condition. With the help of flexible policies, you can anytime take a smart decision for yourself.

Should you borrow money?What is Payday Loan

Yes, you should borrow money because it helps you in many ways. For example, it can state your financial identity for future purposes and you can serve any of your upcoming projects with an easy repayment mode.

How do you get approved for a quick loan?What is Payday Loan

You just have to fill up an online application, if qualify you can get your loan approved. Therefore, with an assurance of on time payment you can get your quick loan approved.

How can I get a loan on benefits?What is Payday Loan

It can be very challenging for people on benefits to avail the unemployed loans from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions. Many times, people on benefits are not entertained by prime lenders due to their income profile. But we think there should not be any discrimination just because you are receiving benefits from the government. Everyone should have the right to affordable credit. Keeping this in mind, we at Loanpalace give importance to all type of borrowers and will consider your application as well even if you are receiving benefits.